Dr. Sonali Agarwal

Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad, India

  Contact Details

  Dr. Sonali Agarwal
  Assistant Professor
  Room No.: 2122, CC1 Building

  Indian Institute of Information   Technology Allahabad
  Devghat Jhalwa
  Allahabad (UP) INDIA

  Phone: 0532-2922111
  Web: www.sonaliagarwal.com

  E Mail: sonali@iiita.ac.in
  E Mail: raiagarwalsonali@gmail.com

  Subjects Taught

Software Metrics (IISM140C)

Course Objective
  • Understand the theoretical aspects of software measurements.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of software metrics.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of using software metrics in software development, software maintenance, and software project management.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of statistical analysis in software measurement.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of developing and calibrating predication systems.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of developing and maintaining a measurement program.
  • Software Engineering
  • Theoretical foundations for software metrics.
  • Introduction to the measurement theory.
  • The representational theory of measurement. Empirical and numerical systems. Representation condition.
  • Measurement scales. Meaningfulness in measurement. Operations on measures.
  • Data collection and analysis.
  • Statistical analysis and tools.
  • The Goal-Question-Metric based framework for software measurement.
  • Classification of software measures.
  • Specification measures.
  • Design measures.
  • Complexity measures.
  • Code related measures.
  • Software testing measures.
  • Software reliability measures and models.
  • Measuring the software development and maintenance processes.
  • Experimental design and analysis.
  • Software metrics validation.
  • Predication systems. Calibration and validation of predication systems.
  • Setting up a measurement program.
  • Application of software metrics.
Lecture Slides
  • TBA
Class Attendance
  • Norman E. Fenton and Shari Lawrence Pfleeger; Software Metrics - A Rigorous and Practical Approach, Thomson Asia Pte. Singapore.
  • Stephen H. Kan; Metrics and Models in Software Quality Engineering, Addison Wesley, New York.
  • K.H. Moller and D.J. Paulish; Software Metrics – A Practitioner’s Guide to Improved Product Development, Chapman and Hall, London.
  • Mark Lorenz and Jeff Kidd; Object- Oriented Software Metrics, Prentice Hall, New York.